Does your head hurt? – Part 2

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Last week we discussed tension headache, this week we will look at cervicogenic headache, more commonly known as “neck headache”.

Four times as many women suffer from this type of headache than men, and 1-2% of the general population. Of the chronic headache sufferers, up to 20% have been diagnosed with cervicogenic headache. The frequency and intensity of these headaches varies, but can occur on a daily basis for some people.

Most of us don’t care what “type” of headache we have…. more importantly we just want relief from the pain. However if you know the type of headache you are suffering from, it may require treatment, and more serious causes may need to be ruled out.

A neck headache may present similarly to other well-known headaches such as migraine and tension headache. It is the source of pain that is likely to be different.

Common symptoms of the neck headache are tenderness at the base of the head and top of the neck, neck stiffness or loss of neck movement.

Recent research from 2012 has show that spinal manipulation of the cervical and thoracic spine is effective in the treatment of cervicogenic headache1,2,3 . One study concluded that spinal manipulation is more effective than massage therapy for relief of cervicogenic headache4.

Manual therapy focusing on active trigger points in the neck can relieve pain caused by cervicogenic headache1. This is a type of treatment that both David and myself employ in combination with our adjustments.

Chiropractic joint mobilization and manipulation along with soft tissue therapies including myofascial release and trigger point therapy can provide alternatives to medication while still providing pain relief.

If you would like to discuss your headaches, aches or pains with David or myself, please contact the clinic and book in a time to see us, we will be more than happy to help.

Yours in chiropractic,

Dr. Nat



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Does your head hurt?
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