All in a day’s work

Many working professionals are sitting for more than 75% of their day (Buckley, Hedge, Yates, Copeland, Loosemore, Hamer, Bradley, Dunstan 2015). Sound familiar? If you’re a busy corporate, chances are you get back and neck pains and strains from poor ergonomic setup, bad posture and repetitive movements. You may head to the gym after work, but this won’t necessarily reverse the muscle tension caused by sitting down for so long.

Sitting with poor posture for extended periods, like having your head protracted towards the screen, can result in debilitating symptoms, including shoulder pain and impingement; pressure on neck joints; shortening of muscles; headaches; nerve symptoms in the arms; and spinal disc replacements for people in their 40s and 50s.

Unfortunately for the average worker, it doesn’t stop there. Skipping meals, unhealthy snacking and quick, easy meal choices can also impact negatively on your health. As does general work stress. In today’s digital world, it can be almost impossible to “switch off” from work mode. Higher levels of stress can lead to a range of health issues, as well as lowering your productivity and engagement.

How we help

Breaking old habits can be hard to do, but at 3Ways we offer a sustainable approach through our triad of health programs. Our aim is to build mental and physical strength over time, from relief to management.

By helping you to obtain pain relief from physical ailments; develop better posture; create and maintain an achievable dietary plan; and manage stress through our mindset programs and services, 3Ways can help you keep your mind and body in check.

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