Our triad of health is the basis of everything we do

At 3Ways, we want you to be pain-free, stress-free, vibrant, full of energy, emotionally balanced, and in control of your health and wellbeing! There are many ways you can kick-start your journey to better health with us, beginning with looking at where our triad of health can help you address the symptoms that are preventing you from being your best.

MOVE WELL – addressing freedom of movement from muscular and joint aches/pains

Movement is essential for everyday activities that we perform. Integrating movement and exercise into your day-to-day routine helps you maintain your health and fitness. Tests have shown that people of any age, regardless of prior physical ability, can improve their health and wellbeing by taking up gentle, regular exercise.

EAT BETTER – avoiding foods that act as an antigen in the body, usually as a result of poor diet

Eating well also makes you feel great, boosting your self-esteem and confidence to achieve your goals. The mind is a powerful tool, and eating well helps you feel mentally in control of your body and self. Eating well also assists you to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if needed. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals replenishes your cells, resulting in robust internal organs, good digestion, glowing skin, shiny hair, and many other benefits. This means you not only feel great, but look great!

THINK BIG – relieving stress or mental health factors affecting the body

Looking after yourself is about more than just having a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise—it’s also about looking after your mental health. In fact, mental health is crucial to maximising your potential in every facet of your life. But without a balanced and positive outlook, achieving your personal and professional goals can become reality.

A message from the 3Ways Team
Pain Management & the Spine

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