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    Transforming Health in Better Ways – 3Ways

    We understand that everybody experiences pain differently. That’s why we offer a diverse range of Complimentary services backed by highly qualified, highly experienced Health Professionals in a wide range of modalities to help you overcome your health challenges.

    With proven results for thousands of people in our community there’s a good chance we’ve helped someone just like you.

    Whether its pain, stiffness or soreness, tiredness or a lack of energy, problems with digestion, hormonal issues, anxiety and stress, even learning and concentration difficulties in children, our practice has helped thousands of people get back on track – fast!

    We want to help you make better decisions about your health, three steps at a time. We find ways to relieve the pain or discomfort that brought you in to see us. We work with you to repair your body, addressing the underlying issues that caused your symptoms. We help you to build and maintain a truly remarkable, happy and healthy life.

    After all, isn’t that what we all really want?

    Dear Patients and Friends, As you are all aware the COVID-19 pandemic has got us all in a whirlwind of uncertainty and stress. We wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we are here to support you and yours. 3Ways Chiropractic Marrickville and MVMT Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Belmore will be continuing treatment as per usual,…
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    Literacy Education Centre for kids

    Specialising in literacy support for children with dyslexia

    Our program is accredited by the Australian Dyslexia Association. It incorporates a multisensory, phonics based approach, which helps children who have difficulty with reading and spelling. It aims to unlock children’s learning potential.

    “Let’s Read 4 Kids combines a simple and effective approach to reading that focuses on all 4 key aspects and guarantees reliable results through an evidence-based program” – Gemma Ovenden, Dyslexia Support Practitioner & Owner/Founder LR4K

    Improve Spinal Function, Improve Health
    Chiropractic is a health care practice focused on the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and how they work together to balance the body

    Massage is a natural therapy that provides gentle, systemic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, with a restorative effect.

    In today’s fast-paced world a balanced approach to health and wellbeing is essential. At 3Ways, we are driven to balance your health in the day-to-day, through a holistic and integrated approach to your wellbeing. We provide a range of multidisciplinary therapies tailored to your specific needs.

    Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s wellbeing. It combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

    When you come in and see us we’ll take the time to really understand you – what’s going on in your body and in your life! We test and check everything to uncover the real causes of your health problems not just focus on the superficial symptoms

    At 3Ways, we’re leading health professionals focused on a holistic approach to better health and wellbeing. We believe in balancing your health through movement, nourishment and mindset. Whether it’s pain relief, rejuvenation, restoration or simply keeping on top of your goals, we are here to help. Our team of trained and qualified health professionals deliver a range of integrated therapies that will transform you and restore balance to your day-to-day life. Live well and be well with 3Ways.

    The 3 Biggest Benefits Of Using Us!

    Experience &
    Fast Results

    When you are suffering from back pain or neck pain or any other pains, stiffness or injuries you just need it fixed right away by the right person who has an honest, common sense approach!
    We’ve been looking after thousands of patients just like you for over 15 years now and in that time we have developed proven, no nonsense protocols and treatment methods that are:

    • Safe
    • Gentle
    • Scientific
    • Evidence-Based
    • And above all – Effective

    With thousands and thousands of consultations across twelve different natural health therapies we believe 3Ways is the right fit for you!

    Diverse Range of Services
    with an Integrative Approach

    At 3Ways, we are driven to balance your health in the day-to-day, through a holistic and integrated approach to your wellbeing. We provide a range of multidisciplinary therapies tailored to your specific needs.

    Our mantra is clear and simple: Move Well. Eat Better. Think Big. It’s the only way – it’s 3Ways.
    MOVE WELL – addressing a person’s freedom of movement from muscular and joint aches/pains

    EAT BETTER – avoiding foods that act as an antigen in the body, usually as a result of poor diet

    THINK BIG – relieving stress or mental health factors affecting the body

    At 3Ways, our holistic approach helps us to provide both immediate pain relief and long-term prevention for our patients.


    We SPECIALISE in providing safe, effective pain relief fast! We understand that you have a unique body and a unique set of stresses and health challenges. Best of all, we understand that it takes a caring and nurturing professional to understand you and provide a safe and supportive environment for healing and recovery to take place.

    That’s why we treat all of our patients like family. We can’t guarantee results, no one can; but we can guarantee that you will be treated like family each and every visit.

    We believe it’s the key to achieving long lasting results – that’s our promise to you!