Chiropractic adjustment for men’s stress

Attention ALL Women and Loving Partners!

Is Your Man A Little Too Grumpy These Days? Moody? Frustrated or Stressed?
Did You Know One Chiropractic Adjustment Could Change All That In An Instance?!

Let me tell you how…..

In the study  “Cerebral metabolic changes in men after chiropractic spinal manipulation” “Alternative Therapies Health Medicine”(Ogura 2011)(2), conducted by 8 PhD’s and 1 Chiropractor, they found that one single adjustment improved metabolic changes in the brain and reduced stress hormones.


“The study clearly demonstrated that the sympathetic tone of the nervous system was inhibited, salivary amylase was decreased (indicating a decrease in fight/flight physiology), regional brain metabolic changes occurred, and muscle tone & pain intensity decreased following ONE single chiropractic adjustment.”

So…what this translates to is this….

A single Chiropractic Adjustment can and will calm your Man’s nervous system so that he is calmer, less stressed and potentially good to be around!

“In addition, this modern study supports the link between spinal adjustments and limbic emotional function based on the neuroplastic changes noted by the PET scan”

Ie. It made him feel emotionally human again!!

So…..If your man has not been in for a Chiropractic Tune-up, Get him in here fast for an overdue Chiropractic Adjustment and we might even improve his happiness (at least for a day!)

Supporting Men’s Health Australia!

by Dr David Pham

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