What are Mindset & Mindfulness Strategies?

Our minds are constantly ticking – monitoring and interpreting what’s happening to us, what it means and what we should do in order to keep on track with our day-to-day lives.

Your mindset frames the running account that’s taking place in your head, therefore guiding the interpretation process as a whole. A “fixed” mindset creates an internal monologue that is focused primarily on judgemental (negative) thoughts. A “growth” mindset is open to change, meaning your internal monologue is fluid, and attuned to both positive and negative thought patterns.

How we help

At 3Ways, we have found that a patient’s mindset may be the final road block holding them back from restoration and rehabilitation. Our mindset education process looks at alleviating this barrier through positive reinforcement, stress management activities and “mindfulness coaching”, supported by our counsellors and psychologists.

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