Relieve your allergy symptoms with chiropractic

Up to one third of the population suffer from allergies, and this number is increasing steadily . With spring in the air, it is very likely that you or someone you know is suffering from seasonal allergies that irritate the immune system and can cause disruptive levels of suffering for those unfortunate enough to experience the symptoms.

Treating symptoms, like a runny nose, headaches or inflamed sinuses has traditionally been the way to combat seasonal allergies. But have you ever thought of chiropractic in aiding the relief of symptoms and minimising the general effects of allergies overall?


How do allergies work?

Allergic reactions are caused by your immune system attempting to rid the body of harmful substances, through methods such as inflammation, sneezing and coughing.

No one knows for sure why people become allergic to relatively harmless substances, however one theory looks at an allergic reaction as an ‘interpretation’ of the environment, the nervous system facilitating the gathering of information. A dysfunctional nervous system will result in the information interpreted being altered, and this makes you vulnerable to abnormal reactions like allergies.


How can chiropractic help with allergies?

Benefits of chiropractic on the nervous system are well documented. So it comes as no surprise that there would be direct effects on the immune system, relating to allergies.

Treating the misalignment or dysfunctional movements of vertebra can help in the reduction of allergy symptoms.

Focal irritation in the spine can cause an abnormal signal to the central nervous system, resulting in the body potentially incorrectly interpreting the signal.  This can result in an allergic reaction.

Of course, vertebral subluxation is only one potential cause of allergies, so it is important to remember that this may not be the ideal fix for you, but it can be considered amongst other things as a potential option to relieve symptoms.

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