Program Development

A balanced approach to wellbeing

Everyone is different. And at 3Ways, we know that people respond differently to treatment. That’s why we tailor design health programs that target your individual health concerns with pinpoint accuracy. We take the time to understand our clients intimately, providing programs that deliver transformational results.

At 3Ways, our balanced approach to wellbeing offers our patients both immediate pain relief and long-term prevention. Your participation is key to us—we want you to be an active participant in the management of your own health and wellness. We also encourage your feedback. We genuinely want to know what you think. If a treatment doesn’t feel right for you, we’ll search for an option that does.

Our 3Ways Health Restoration Programs are unique, just like you. They are based on the 3 key facets of optimal health: a strong physiology, a nutrient-dense biochemistry, and a sound neurology and mental outlook.

We believe in combining proven, scientific protocols with time-tested methods. We integrate the best of allied health treatments and traditional, natural medicines.

Our philosophy is simple. We’re all about helping you live the best life you possibly can. We want you to be pain-free, stress-free, vibrant, full of energy, emotionally balanced, and in control of your health.

It’s the only way– it’s 3Ways.

Initial Consultation

We believe initial impressions last. That’s why when you come in to see us for the first time, we want you to feel welcome, safe, and completely comfortable. We view our patients like family.

Our front desk team headed by Doris Morgan are there for one purpose– to meet, greet, and make you feel at home. We understand that seeing any health professional for the first time can be daunting, even frightening.

At 3Ways, we aim to dispel the ‘scary’ myth. We are people, just like you. We see hundreds of patients each week, and chances are we’ve seen someone like you. We are confident that we will ‘get you’ from the beginning.

You will be met by one of our Senior (Health) Doctors or Principal Practitioners, who are highly trained and experienced. They will discuss your health concerns with you.

A thorough Medical and Health History, Examination and Neuro/Ortho/Muscular Testing, and Initial Treatment (if appropriate) will be conducted. Your initial consultation will take about 45 – 60 minutes. You may need to have some X-rays taken, to aid in diagnosing problems.

You will need the following things, if you have them:

  • Any private health insurance cover cards
  • X-rays and/or medical tests that you have previously done
  • Medications you are taking or have been taking
  • Notes from previous health professionals

The more information you can provide, the better we will be able to help you and understand your needs. You may be given some minor treatment, soft tissue work and joint/muscle mobilisations. This will relieve acute symptoms and/or ascertain the approach needed for future treatment.

We offer health cover rebates (HICAPS) on the spot, so you just need to bring your card with you each time you visit.

Follow-Up Visit

If you require X-rays, you will be referred to our local Medical Imaging Centre (just 2 minutes around the corner).

During the second visit, the results from the X-rays and examination findings from your first visit will be explored in depth. It’s important that you understand exactly what’s wrong and what you can do to fix it. It’s also a good time to raise any other questions you may have about your health or lifestyle.

This visit is when you will usually have your first set of clinical adjustments and soft tissue treatments, based on these preliminary findings.

A 3Ways Health Restoration Program will be proposed, with your health goals and individual situation in mind. This is where your Senior Health Doctor will discuss your options regarding your treatment. It’s designed to deliver the best results for you, in the shortest possible time.

Ongoing Care

We believe you should be living life to the full– performing at your best, being your best each and every day.

Regular corrective care can start here. The frequency of your visits will depend on the severity of your condition and your own personal situation. As you make good progress, your visits will need to be less frequent, as your body heals and gets used to being properly aligned and balanced.