Building blocks

Every parent wants to give their child the opportunity to grow, develop and fulfil their full potential, and in order to do this a fully functioning nervous system, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle are vital ingredients.

From birth it can be important to monitor any minor incidents that could alter the biomechanics of the spine or cranium.

These incidents may commonly result from intrauterine constraint, abnormal foetal positioning in the uterus or simply the forces and stresses of birth, natural or caesarean.

As your children grow up, general knocks and falls, sport, increasingly poor posture, from TV and an increased usage of devices like iPads, and inadequate nutrition can all affect a child’s system from functioning at its peak.
How we help

3Ways has helped many parents give their children a head start in life. The care we provide is very gentle. Our triad of health approach means that we can help your children develop naturally in all aspects of their life, giving them the strength and confidence to tackle the world head on!

By undertaking a through initial consult we can help determine a care program to suit your child’s stage of development. As well as their physical wellbeing we will also take into account:


Mindset & Education

through our partner ‘Read4Kids’

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