A message from the 3Ways Team

We would like to officially welcome you to our new and improved 3Ways approach, being: Move Well. Eat Better. Think Big! Our mission is to help you balance your health and wellbeing, both in your day-to-day life and in the long-term.

To better reflect our philosophy on holistic health – that all aspects of health and wellbeing are interconnected, impacting the mind and body on multiple levels – we have refreshed our approach. That’s why we now offer fully integrated services under our unique 3Ways model, spanning Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Japanese Acupuncture, Psychology, Meditation and much more.

Our highly qualified and experienced team are friendly, supportive and understanding of your specific needs. Whether you are a dedicated athlete, recovering from an injury or experiencing mental and emotional stress, we tailor our services to benefit you. If a particular therapy or treatment doesn’t feel right, we work with you to find a solution. Our goal is to help you champion your own personal journey to better health.

At 3Ways, we are passionate about the ‘3Ways Integrated Approach’ because we believe it addresses the gap between successful healthcare, pain management and individual needs. Many traditional health services only offer short-term pain relief, without addressing the deeper root of the problem and contributing factors (which are many and varied!), such as diet, nutrition, lifestyle, stress, environment and genetics.

The launch of the new 3Ways is driven by our mission to bridge the gap between pain, recovery and a balanced state of health. We empower people to live healthier, happier and more active lives. We provide expert guidance and tailored healthcare plans to equip with you self-care tools and kick-start an inspired journey to better health.

Our two clinics, in Marrickville and Blakehurst, are currently undergoing this exciting 3Ways transformation – and we can’t wait for you to check out our new look!

We are 3Ways, your holistic health partner for being your best.

Take care,
David, Eric & Natalie from 3Ways

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