How Many Pillows Should I Be Using?

When it comes to how many pillows you like to sleep with, everyone is different. Some people need a single pillow, and can’t handle the height and softness of a stack; other people can’t get a good night’s rest if their head isn’t buried in a pile of cotton.

But what’s best for your neck?

If your stack of pillows is too high under your head with no neck support, you’re likely to do some damage. On the flipside, if your pillow is too flat under your head and you like to sleep on your side, then that’s no good either (your spine won’t be straight). So in essence, it’s not how many pillows you have: it’s how you balance them out.

If you’re a pillow lover, try folding one of your pillows in half and putting it under your neck for support. If you need your head as flat as possible, try using a bigger pillow that will mould to the shape of your head and neck (like a memory foam or feather pillow).

If you’re keeping your neck well supported but are still suffering pain, your pillow might not be the only issue. If you’re suffering persistent or sharp pain, it’s important to see a professional so more serious damage or issues can be ruled out.

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