Family food do’s and don’ts

Helping your children form healthy habits from a young age is vital for them to grow up as happy and healthy adults. Here are some quick tips that you can implement in your house to help make sure you are providing a healthy environment for your family.

  • It’s time to break up from salt. This sneaky little condiment finds its way into so many of our foods and products, especially when eating out at restaurants, not from the salt shaker!
  • Swap sodas, fruit juice and cordial for water. You have probably read many a time about the added sugars in drinks, including ‘healthy’ fruit drink alternatives. But nothing is as good as water. Switching all your drink types for water can also help you shed a few kilo’s and will do wonders for your skin. Drinking more water is also a simple appetite control method.
  • Eat the rainbow! A great way to gauge a healthy diet is to eat as many colours you can each day. This can be a great incentive for kids to try new fruits and vegetables.
  • Meat free Monday’s… or any other day. Switching just one meal a day can help improve your carbon footprint on the earth and benefit your health by introducing new vitamins and minerals into the diet. A study carried out by Oxford University’s department of public health in 2010 found that reducing meat intake could prevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease, 9,000 deaths from cancer and 5,000 deaths from stroke per year.
  • Get the family involved. Learn and work with what people like and don’t like to eat. Plan meals to help save money on each week’s grocery shop and get the kids involved in the kitchen to help them learn more about foods, flavours, and what’s going in their bodies.
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