One Simple Tip that Could Revolutionise Your Health

It’s common knowledge that our bodies contain a huge amount of water; for most people this sits around 60%, a figure that will vary depending on how well hydrated the person is. Keeping that water at a near neutral pH is crucial for good health (if you’re living in a swimming pool, you’d probably prefer that it wasn’t full of acid); a good body pH should read as very slightly alkaline, with optimum levels sitting at around 7.35.

Many of the body’s processes create acid; for example, the carbon dioxide we breathe out forms carbonic acid when combined with water, and lactic acid is produced as a metabolic byproduct when you exercise. For the most part, your body is able to bring things back into balance by using your kidneys and lungs to filter out excess acid; but they can only do so much if your lifestyle or diet is pushing your body towards acidity.

Excess acid in the body (acidosis) can cause all kinds of health problems; the major one being inflammation. Inflammation is good in small amounts, defending the body against infection and disease (think about how a cut swells until the tear in your body is healed). Chronic, acidosis-induced inflammation turns your entire body into a battleground; this kind of inflammation is at the root of many serious diseases and disorders, from arthritis to cancer.

So, what can you do to improve your body’s pH levels? One very simple thing.

Drink as much lemon water as you can throughout the day.

This might sound counterproductive, as citrus is acidic; but during digestion (as you metabolise it), it has an alkalising effect on the body. Simply by upping your water intake and adding a little lemon to it (and some mint, if lemon alone is too strong or unappetising for you), you can vastly reduce inflammation in the body and improve your health.

If you don’t notice a marked change in your overall sense of wellbeing after a few weeks of chugging lemon water all day, there may be some other issues at play; use the contact form at the side of this page to send us your symptoms and questions, and we’ll talk to you about some further steps we can take to get you back to track.

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